Bumper Store Update


And it's a bumper update on the Scanner Store now, featuring new and some exceptionally rare back catalogue, down to the last remaining physical copies of releases that have long since been deleted.

I've been working with Joel Cadbury of South and Unkle. Joel co-wrote and produced many of the songs on ‘Where Did The Night Fall’, ‘Another Night Out’. He also co-wrote Michael Winterbottom’s dark and brooding noir epic ‘The Killer Inside Me’ and Simon Aboud’s ‘Comes A Bright Day. We were commissioned by choreographer Wayne McGregor CBE to compose the score to The Big Dance - the world record attempt for the Largest Dance Routine in the world. More information here on how to join in can be found here (www.bigdance2012.com/schools_and_teachers.php)

Celeste is exclusively available here as a digital single in the highest quality MP3 and Wav format.

Uniform (2001)
A limited issue CD put out by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in conjunction with the exhibition "010101: Art in Technological Times". "A collaborative performance between Carsten Nicolai (aka Alva Noto) and Scanner.We performed a three hour set for the opening of the exhibition, and the CD is a twenty six minute edited-down version of this performance. After the show, we emailed files back and forth to each other, edited, tweaked and finessed the capsule and came up with this CD. Carsten designed the digipak, a visual remix of the recent 'Vrioon' release with citric intensity. A continuous 26 minute low end rumble with microscopic clicks, fuzzy static with lost and stolen dialogue. A complete sonic success to test drive the bass cones.

Memetic Flesh (1996)
Recorded for ORF radio in Vienna, this collaboration between Rupert Huber of Tosca fame and spoken word by Canadian cultural theorists Arthur and Marilouise Kroker produced an eerie cinematic full album recording, with stories about discovering Scanner in a tiny club performance back in the 1990s.

Sound Polaroids (2002)
A series of works in collaboration with visual artist and designer Tonne based around the sound of the city, beginning with the score to the prize-winning work at the Imaginaria show at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London, following with live recordings from Montreal, Milan, Munich and Naples. Features a remix by American sound artist Stephen Vitiello. Originally released on the French Bip-Hop label.

Esprits de Paris 2003)
With the recent tragic death of American artist Mike Kelley I've been approached many times regarding this album we released on his Annexe Compound label. Originally a massively ambitious twelve screen installation at Centres Pompidou in Paris for the Sonic Process exhibition this album was composed from anomalous sounds found on blank digital minidiscs "exposed" to various historically-loaded locales in Paris. This is a subtle and beautiful, one hour-long, electronic music composition that explores the "ghost in the machine" - a tribute to the pioneers of the "Electronic Voice Phenomena": Friedrich Jürgenson, Attila von Szalay, and Konstantin Raudive.

The Quick and the Dead (1999)
American musician DJ Spooky and I have travelled and collaborated many times over in the past and this album features a diverse agglomeration of drum'n'bass, ambient and dub, sizzling sampled raps, drunken swaggering beats, short-wave interference and hazardous sonic waste. Features Freight Elevator Quartet. Originally released on Sulphur (UK) / Sulfur (USA)

Reason by Heart, Sleep by Twilight (2005)
Recorded for Bine Music in Germany, this album offers a lucid-dreaming, insular world, a tangled web of disturbed vocals, scrawling, spidery sounds wrapping themselves sinuously around a central, muted rhythmic motif, that slowly draws you into a sleazed vision. One of my personal favourite recordings.

So a host of items to tickle your brain, resonate your skull and improve your mood.

Thanks for your continued support.

Best wishes

Robin Rimbaud