The Garden is Full of Metal

On this summery London day I'm delighted to announce the official re-release of The Garden is Full of Metal, described by The Wire magazine as "a beautiful and fragile tapestry. Reflective, tactile and emotional." It's a very personal tribute to the late British filmmaker Derek Jarman who sadly died twenty years ago.

Using recordings of Jarman's voice as well as location recordings around his home, this is a graceful and delicate sculpture in sound. Out of print for some years this new release comes with new expanded artwork, four unreleased tracks and is completely remastered by Lawrence English of Room40.

The first thirty CDs come with a signed CD but every copy after that is still filled with memories :-D

As ever, thanks for your support over the years and stay tuned for another special Scanner CD in the next month, a new live album, Electronic Garden.

Very best wishes

Robin Rimbaud
Professor Scanner