Massive new stock discoveries

Moving home can bring many joys and many stresses. One pleasure is discovering boxes of stock otherwise unknown, sneakily hiding away in a cupboard, hoping for a quiet retirement :-D

However I can now offer up a host of items, mostly very limited stock, many of which cannot be found anywhere else these days, not even digitally, unless you are searching Russian torrent sites that is of course. These include a wealth of 12" vinyl long thought lost, such as Move to Choose (1997), Mass Observation (1995), Moskau Disko (2007), as well as 7" singles as Seamless Data Generator (1996) on Soul Static Sound, ghost collector Michael Esposito (2013), and Tokyonin (2105) only previously available in Italy for a sound art competition and more.

CD releases include international collaborations with David Rothenberg on You Can't Get There From Here (2013), Polish ensemble Kwartludium on our Graphic Scores (2013), Jean-Paul Dessy of Musique Nouvelles on Play Along (2005), techno frenzy with Tinnito (2005) from Italy, 48 Cameras (2013) in Belgium, and Double Fold (2003), my tribute to the writer Nicholson Baker, with everything, pulses, melodies, running at 128 beats per minute.

I've even left a few items out of this expansive list to encourage you to have a browse through the shop. Still this place remains the only location one can buy original items from the source, knowing in confidence that any proceeds contribute towards further magic and the occasional sandwich.

Thanks for your support!

Robin Rimbaud - Scanner