Scanner - Teenage Wochen

Teenage Wochen


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Scanner - Teenage Wochen

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A rare outing on vinyl for two exclusive new Scanner tracks. Teenage Wochen connects folk with an electro beat, sampling voices, acoustic guitar and harmonies to present a spidery, crackling foot tapper, and a melody to take to sleep with you. Autumn Nights dissolves a similar mix of sounds into a casserole of bubbling synths and echoing voices and noises, suggesting Throbbing Gristle dining with Klaus Schutze.


“ Scanner moves in all sorts of directions, within the dance music area, but always with a keen ear for new directions, reworking them for his end. The title piece starts with a guitar but quickly moves into the area of electro music with a jumpy rhythm and a very joyous melody line. A great up-tempo tune that has the word 'summer' stamped all over. I have no idea whether this is part of a forthcoming album, but if so: where can I sign up to get one?”
Vital Music Weekly June 2006


12" Vinyl Single (BINE 010VYR)
  1. Scanner - Teenage Wochen
  2. Scanner - Autumn Nights
Download Single (BINE 010VYR)
  1. Scanner - Teenage Wochen
  2. Scanner - Autumn Nights