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Scanner - PublicPhono

A special live recording on the water front in Rimini Italy, picking up live radio signals, processing them into this symphonic collage of noises, voices and sound. Very limited edition.


"--Scanner - Publicphono (CD on Mr.Mutt Records)
In a short edition of only 200 copies the first release on Mr.Mutt
Records is what will certainly become an incredible live cdr series put
out by Italian composers known as tu m'. Recorded live at Prix Italia's
After Radio events in Rimini Italy in late 2000, Scanner (Robin Rimbaud)
was commissioned to create this piece to be broadcast on their public
speaker system. His use of sampling radio broadcasts beckoned back to
the establishment of the 52 year old organization. An obvious
complement to the festive occasion had Scanner presenting the work for
which he has been grown best known for - combining sounds and voice
scans and electronics to be heard in a public forum. A re-processing of
older spoken word recordings taken from their original source and now
born as a horizon line for the cross section between documentarian
technique and aesthetic fare. Rimbaud has prepared a new colloquialism,
a merge of vocabularies. This particular piece was broadcast on the
beach to anyone in earshot, out into the sea. The sheer fact that the
broadcast took place in a natural environment further deconstructs its
initial context. There is a blend of sultry Italian tongues and steely
Kraftwerkian voiceboxes (minus the funk). This is a very serious,
almost clinical, recording that is bathed in a dramatic soundscape of
light vibes and tactile vibrations, filters and the unfamiliar. Scanner
has become synonymous as a creator of recordings derived from man-made
technology sound sources and their junction with the human voice. On
Publicphono he has truly used the spirit of silence to great effect. At
times the illusion takes me on a trip from NASA to an Italian airport to
archaic newsreels. In other moments this recalls some of the best work
from the early/mid 90s EM:T label. This is a pure exploration of the
nuances of contemporary electronics as chamber music. There is a
uniquely passionate and disjointed symphonic quality about one half hour
into this 40 minute single track which travels in an out of private and
public space. Rimbaud has inaugurated a new era in genre-bending with
his Y2K recording. (TJN)"


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